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  • Almost 40 % of food is disposed of into landfills, where methane gas is released—the leadingcause of global warming.

  • The Food Waste Reduction Act (N.J.S.A 13:1E-226 et seq) was signed into law on July 21,2017, establishing the goal of reducing the amount of food waste generated annually in NJ by 50% by the year 2030.

  • One Compost Can, was established in 2019 and has successfully redirected 12,000 pounds of food waste weekly from landfills. Our program currently services over 500 residential clients, 40 restaurants, and 10 schools.

  • One Compost can provides each school with five 65-gallon cans to be collected and replaced with clean fully sanitized cans collected every weekend. We collect biodegradable products eliminating the need to use compostable bags.

  • The EAP & DEP's preferred practice is to feed animals or insects to prevent rotting and the release of methane gas. Our collections are brought to our farm, sorted, and fed accordingly.

  • We invite you to join our fast-growing program. You can reduce your carbon footprint, and earnsustainability points while teaching students ways to improve their environment.

  • We also provide student education and support the green teams.​​

Please visit our website for more details or call Dolph Geurds, Owner of One Compost Can, @ 609-498-5221 for a consultation.

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