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Meet The Farmer

Dolph has resided in Hopewell, NJ for 15 years where he and his wife are
raising five children.
His love of being outside and working with plants led him to pursue his
studies in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture where he received his
degree from Rutgers University.
Working in design, installation, and consulting for several years Dolph
decided to combine his experiences with his dream of owning a farm and
raising animals. He quickly learned that utilizing animals' natural digestive
tract to break down food waste was more efficient and reduced harmful
emissions compared to traditional composting methods. Helping residents,
restaurants, schools, and corporations meet sustainability goals while
reducing their carbon footprint.

“Saving our planet, one can at a time.”

Our Story

One night while enjoying family dinner our son asked,
“Where do you think the food goes after we throw it out?”

His love of science inspired a family experiment. We would collect
food scraps in a bin for one week and measure how much we
had. Surprised by our accumulation and with a desire to make a
positive impact on the environment we created One Compost
Can LLC.

By collecting your food waste and our Regenerative Agriculture
Practices we are restoring vital nutrients to the soil and diverting
food waste from harmful landfills.


Owner of One Compost Can LLC

Dolph Geurds


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